Hexmat Molekula Record Clamp inc. Turntable Alignment Tool


Using Hexmat unique damping system, now applied to a record clamp for greater audio performance from almost any record players

The Molekula can be used with other turntable mats but for best result, Hexmat recommends it be used with either the Hexmat Yellow Bird or Eclipse - Hand Made In Hungary.





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Turntable Accessory



Hexmat Molekula Vinyl Record Clamp

The Hexmat Molekula is a special record clamp that tightens up on the turntable spindle. The frame of the Molekula presses down the record with the help of six specially coated, 7mm diameter, embedded translucent spheres.

This unique damping system designed by Hexmat eliminates micro-movements during playback of the record, such as micro-slips. When the Hexmat Molekula is applied to the spindle and records, it exerts a pressure of 1kg per sphere on the record for a secure fit. This effectively reduces any micro-slides. The sonic benefits are a relaxed and pleasant sound, improved dynamics, calmer atmosphere as well as clean transparency.

Made from the same polymer-blend material as Hexmat's highly praised record isolator, the "Eclipse" for best damping results. Thanks to its light weight, it does not affect the operation of the turntable and does not overload the bearings or damage the records. It can be used with other turntable mats on the market but for the best results we recommend to use the Hexmat Yellow Bird or Eclipse.

PLEASE NOTE:- The Hexmat Molekula requires a spindle length of at least 6 mm measured from the top of the record to work properly. For shorter spindles, consider the Hexmat Molekula Mini.



Key Features & Benefits

  • Light in weight with no effect to the operation of the turntable or bearings

  • Compatible with other turntable mats on the market

  • Contact points are kept to a minimal with only 6 spheres to the record

  • Efficiently dampening harmful resonances and frequencies through the 6 spheres

  • Music reproduction sounds more relax and pleasant to listen to 

  • Improved audio dynamics with a more laid back atmosphere

  • Music transparencies are more define with greater clarity

  • Includes a VTA-Azimuth-ONP alignment tool
  • Hand Made in Hungary



    Technical Stuff 

    Spheres: 6 x Translucent spheres 
    Spheres Size: 7mm diameter
    Contact Points:
    Spindle Length: ≥6mm measured from the top of the record
    Weight: 17g




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