Hexmat Eclipse Phono Record Isolator


The perfect upgrade to your audiophile turntables. HEXMAT Eclipse Phono Record Isolators are the reference in platter mats - lessening vibrations, improves tracking accuracy, enhances dynamics, impact and musical details compared to other mats.





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HEXMAT Eclipse Isolator Mat For Turntables

The concepts of the Record Isolator mat from Hexmat extends back over 15 years, with more than 100 prototypes. Designed with patented technology, Hexmat is compatible with most turntable. The Eclipse builds upon the successful and well reviewed "Yellow Bird" model further pushing the level of improvements in tracking accuracy, enhancing dynamic range, audio detail, impact, clarity, and imaging one hears from vinyl LP records.

Its overall effect on the sound with the Hexmat Record Isolator has been described by many critics as an equivalent to a cartridge upgrade!

"The HEXMAT Record Isolator is a “Set It And Forget” analogue upgrade for most vinylistas out there. Calling it a “mat” is very much an understatement."

The Hexmat Phono Record Isolator reduces vibration, improves tracking accuracy, enhances dynamics, details and impact. Unlike other mats where the record is coupled together to the platter and turntable, the Hexmat isolates and decouple the record from the platter and the rest of the player.

With its 3mm thick construction - similar in height to a lot of mat variants on the market - surface contact are kept to a bare minimum with only 15 contact points. The contact points measures close to zero at no more than 1-2 sq mm in total and are made up of special spheres utilising vibration damping properties. Looking closely, records almost appears to be floating over the platter when played.



Latest Online Review Publication

"This is an incredible accessory. There is no doubt here, the Hexmat Eclipse is the best platter mat I’ve ever heard. It is ‘best in class’ in those terms.

I find it very easy indeed to say that, if you want your turntable to work at the very peak of its performance then I highly recommend that you look closely at the Hexmat Eclipse.” - Paul Rigby | The Audiophile Man 


Key Features 

  • Even Smaller Contact Surface

  • 3mm Diameter Specially Mounted Sphere
  • 2mm Extruded Polymer Blend Body Exclusive to Us

  • Better Live Soundstage
  • Perfect Transients and Timing

  • Excellent Dynamics
  • Impressive Stereo Image and Channel Separation

  • Opened, Spacious Transparent Sound
  • Music Without Restraint

  • Anti-Static Feature
  • Full Torque Transfer

  • 3mm Overall Thickness
  • 7”/ 10”/ 12” Record Compatibility



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