Audio Made Simple

Active Noise Cancelling - ANC

“ANC” short for Active Noise Cancelling Headphones works by using microphones to pick up constant low frequency noises and filtering / cancelling it before it reaches the ear. It does that by generating a 180 degree phase-inverted sound of the unwanted noise, thus cancelling each other out.

While this technology has been widely used by many manufacturer of headphones in recent years, its origin dates back to the 1930’s.
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Wired vs Wireless Headphones

In years gone by, wired headphones were always seen as the better option due to overall performance and audio quality. Not saying that this isn’t true these days but the lines are definitely getting blurred as wireless technologies matures and improves.

​Choosing between two is very much based on personal preferences and lifestyle.
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Which Headphones?

So far we've covered the different types of headphones from in-ears, on-ears and over-ears in “Headphones 101”. How about wired vs wireless headphones, what’s active noise cancellation, the difference between closed back vs open back and other commonly used headphone jargons.
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Turntables - The Basics

In todays digital world and smartphone age, who would have thought many of yesteryear’s technologies are still striving. One such devices are turntables and record players.

It’s more than a retro revival, maybe even a rebellion against music streaming. Whatever the reason, listening to music via a turntable and building a collection of records is a pleasing [analogue] experience.

For the newbies and diehard fans, coming to terms with a turntable can be somewhat daunting. Most of us just want to listen and enjoy the music.

For those wanting in-depth techno babble, this article may not be for you.

Let’s break it down ….
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Turntables - A Beginner's Guide


A simple look at the major parts of a turntable.  An overview of the parts shown will follow next.  Welcome to the world of analogue music and record players...

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Headphones 101

Like most of us with a smartphone, we pretty much have a set of headphones, and some even more.  Considering the amount of mobile phones out there in the real world, that a lot of headphones.

Having first hand experiences with a number of headphones over many years, builded a good understanding ranging from entry level products to some fairly astute high-end ones.

Without being too much of a geek or a headphone nutter, let’s break it down…
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