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Introducing HEXMAT...

The person behind HEXMAT is Zsolt Fajt, a sound engineer based in Budapest, Hungary with his own recording-mixing studio participating in numerous Hungarian and international productions.

Zsolt Fajt has a deep understanding and love of hi-fi audio going back some 25 years. Since purchasing his very first turntable, a Thorens TD320 MK2, he has continued his passion for the "chase of sound" with numerous upgrades from newer turntables, cables, washers, weights, clamps, insulators, pickups and the list goes on, but in no way did he overcome some of the weaknesses of vinyls... the pronounced "hiss" phenomenon, unstable bass, visualisation of depth and low volume tolerance to name a few. He felt something basic was missing.



The Phono Record Isolator!

The idea of the HEXMAT Isolator was born over 15 years ago. Over the course of the past three years, over 100 prototypes were made from a variety of material compositions ranging from different polymers, stabilised wood species, tropical trees, industrial metals, ceramics, gold, silver, crystals, gemstones, various coatings ... Some works, some didn't as each had their own dramatic impact on sound.



Thanks to the in-depth research HEXMAT have developed a brand new Phono Record Isolator called "The Yellow Bird" that gives a new euphony of sounds while listening to your favourite vinyl records.


The HEXMAT Yellow Bird!



Made with patented handmade technology, the "Yellow Bird" from HEXMAT is compatible with a wide range of turntables bringing out every notes and frequency range, even from old recordings.

The overall improvement effect on the sound has been described by many critics as the same as upgrading the turntable cartridge.