YAXI Fix90 Headphone Earpads


Based in Japan, The YAXI company specialises in the production of premium headphones ear pads for various leading brands. Combining premium comfort with audio optimisation, the "Made in Japan" ear-pads are the perfect upgrade to your listening experience.


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YAXI Ear Pads For 86mm - 90mm Headphones 

YAXI Ear Pads combines premium comfort with improved sound quality by utilising a number of materials, each with its own benefits and improvements to bring out the most in your headphones.  

Compatible with a variety of headphones—including various Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Phonon, Pioneer, Ultrasone, Razer, AKG, Skullcandy and Adam Audio models.

Please check our compatibility chart below. 


The YAXI Fix90mm are what you need to give your headphones a new lease of life.  Fits most headphones with diameter between 86mm and 90mm.  

It sounds better, offers better fit, is more comfortable and looks better than stock pads.

Construction compromise of 16mm thick urethane where the inner diameter is hollowed out in an oval shape to better wrap around the ears for a more stable listening position.  The ear pads are covered by polyurethane leather to reduce bass resonance while the "slow-rebound" sponge pads offers a level of comfort far exceeding stock pads. 

The YAXI Fix90mm pads are impeccably constructed with flawless stitching and a smooth finish all around. Made In Japan.


Compatible Headphone Models

Pioneer HDJ-2000 / HDJ-1500
Ultrasone Signature Studio / Signature DXP / Signature DJ

PRO 480i / PRO580i / PRO 780i
KRAKEN 7.1 Choroma Forged KRAKEN
Audio Technica ATH-PRO700MK2
AKG K545 / K845 / K181 DJ UE / K182
Adam audio STUDIO PRO SP-5



Review Summary

Review by RockoN

Hello everyone! This is ACID Shibuya. I usually use PHONON SMB-02. I like the high resolution, the low frequencies that can be enjoyed in dance music, and the balance that doesn't break down. Due to the housing situation, I mainly wear headphones when working at home, so when I was looking for a pad that wouldn't hurt my ears even after long hours of use, the FIX 90 appeared dashingly. I would like to review the usability because it is a great deal. Compared to the ear pads, YAXI is a little thicker. Easy to install. While pulling on the edge of the pad, it can be installed immediately by fitting it into the groove of the housing and turning it. It took less than 5 minutes to replace both sides.

About the actual feeling of use. It's easier to hear the depth of the sound!

The material is also more taut / elastic. Due to the shape and thickness of the original ear pads, the ears slightly hit the mesh part that covers the driver, but the FIX90 has ear-shaped holes in the pads, so the ears fit comfortably. Is covered, and sound insulation and fit are improved. And because of the increased thickness, creating a space between the ear and the driver increases the audible depth / three-dimensionality. Since the vibration of the driver does not come directly to my ears, I feel that I can make a more accurate judge. Personally, I felt that I could calm down even when the sound was saturated, for example, when sketching before mixing. The afterglow of spatial effects and the release of rim shots of rhythm machines with a strong attack are also images that are easier to hear. Click here to see the full review.


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