YAXI HD25 TypeB Headphone Earpads


Based in Japan, The YAXI company specialises in the production of premium headphones ear pads for various leading brands. Combining premium comfort with audio optimisation, the "Made in Japan" ear-pads are the perfect upgrade to your listening experience.


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YAXI Ear Pads For Sennheiser HD25 Models & More 

YAXI Ear Pads combines premium comfort with improved sound quality by utilising a number of materials, each with its own benefits and improvements to bring out the most in your headphones.  

Compatible with a variety of headphones—including various Sennheiser, Audio Technica, MB Quart and AiAiAi models

Please check our compatibility chart below. 


The YAXI HD25 TypeB earpads for the Sennheiser HD25 were design to block external sounds as much as possible.

The pad structure consists of high-grade protein leather on the surface and PU leather inside the pad to reduce bass reverberation. Urethane is a very soft material with low resilience, so when worn, the earpads spreads in all directions and has the effect of covering the entire ear thus reducing side pressure from the headphones.

Sewed by hand and Made In Japan, the YAXI HD25 TypeB ear pads are thicker, softer, better and comfier than stock earpads. Incorporating 18mm-thick slow rebound memory foam internally, the pads curves and contours to your individual head shape and reduces pressure on your ears. Perfect for long comfortable listening sessions.

A hit with music professionals including DJs, musicians and music producers as well as audiophiles.



Compatible Headphone Models

Sennheiser HD25 / HD25 1-II
HD25 Aluminium / HD25 Light
HD25 Amperior / HD25 SP
HD25 Orignal for Adidas / HD25 Plus
AiAiAi TMA-1 / TMA-2 
MB Quart PMB 6 II
Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 / ATH-ES7



Technical Stuff 

Outer Diameter 75mm
Inner Diameter 36mm
Thickness 15mm 

Package Contains Total of 1 pair of ear pads - (left & right)

Total of 1 pair of filters - (left & right)



Installation Video by YAXI


Testimonials Summary

hara from HyperJuice

YAXI's HD25 type B is attached to the standard headphone HD25 for bass music for the first time. The sound was easier to pick up, and although the hold feeling peculiar to HD25 remained, my ears did not hurt at all and it was the best.


DJ Takaki
Since I first used it, it feels very comfortable and feels good to use, and I immediately like it, and I have been using it for a long time. Type B is thicker and has better sound insulation, and is comfortable to use and has the best sound quality.


Shex aka Technoman
The audio room of only a dozen millimeters of Type B ear pads gave a sharper and tighter sound.

Until now, I didn't think of changing the ear pad because I thought that the genuine product was also good, but since I replaced it with the HD25 type-B this time, I used it for a long time with the comfort of the sound that reaches my ears. But I was surprised that my ears didn't hurt.

XLII from XXX $$
When I started using Type B on the HD25, I got used to the softness of the sound and the softness when I put it on my ear, and I also attached a pair to the AIAIAI TMA-2 that I recently started using. It's a little thicker than the genuine pad, so my ears are a little away from the driver, so it's a perfect balance for me personally. Recommended for those who feel that the sound is too strong with a genuine pad.



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