Nagaoka JT-80BK Stereo MM Cartridge


The Nagaoka JT-80BK (Black) MM cartridge is part of the new “Jewel Tone” series. Utilising a boron cantilever with a nude elliptical stylus, the Nagaoka JT-80BK stereo cartridge competes with, and in many cases even beats, other significantly more expensive MM and MC cartridges!





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Nagaoka JT-80BK Moving Magnet Turntable Cartridge

The Nagaoka JT-80BK is the high-end version of two new cartridges in the Jeweltone (JT) series celebrating Nagaoka’s 80th anniversary. The suffix “BK” stands for”Black” which refers to the colour of this very well reviewed cartridge from Nagaoka that comes with a nude elliptical stylus on an extremely rigid boron cantilever.

Further more, the JT-80BK turntable stereo cartridge utilises the following key design points:-

  • A continuous design philosophy from tonearm to the stylus tip.

  • Reducing the number of parts for a reduction in vibrations.

  • A slanted front panel for easy viewing of the style tip for cueing.

  • Easy stylus / needle replacement by sliding the stylus on the mounting surface of a small cylinder.

  • A light body for better tracking when playing records.

  • A blocky (squarer) upper part of the cartridge to better match with the tonearm.

  • Integrated screws for headshell mounting inside the cartridge to reduce exposure and resonance.


The Nagaoka JT-80BK record player cartridge is built on the moving magnet principle and the sound can be described as very natural and open with a firm bass, an intriguing and full midrange and a delicate and musical high frequency. An exceptional cartridge and very difficult to beat in this price range.

Being a moving magnet (MM) cartridge you can replace the stylus with a new one when required at an affordable and reasonable cost compared to other brands. A big advantage compared to similar priced moving coil (MC) cartridges as well as MM types from other brands. The Nagaoka JT-80BK will work very well in medium weight tonearm.



Key Features

  • Superfine polished Elliptical diamond stylus

  • Powerful Samarium Cobalt magnet with extremely high energy output

  • Lightweight Boron shaker for high fidelity

  • Plastic housing reinforced with Carbon Fiber

  • Anti ferro-magnetic permalloy shell that protects against electromagnetic interference

  • Easy stylus replacement



Technical Stuff 

Type: Moving magnet (MM)
Cantilever: Boron
Stylus type: 0.4x0.7mil elliptical diamond
Weight: 6.7 g
Output Voltage @ 1kHz, 5cm/sec: 3mV
Frequency response: 20Hz-25kHz
Channel balance @ 1kHz: 1.0dB or less
Channel separation @ 1kHz: 25dB 
Recommended loading: 47k ohms
Load capacity: 100pF
Dynamic compliance: 7.3 x 10-6 cm/dyne
Tracking force range: 1.3 - 1.8 g
Break-in period: 30 hours 
Stylus replacement: Nagaoka JTS-80BK




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