Dr. Suzuki 12" Slipmats Mix-Edition


Dr. Suzuki Slip-mats high vibration isolation property allows it to trace the record groove without the needle shaking and reducing noise. The record mat antistatic property helps keep dust away and at the same time reduces sticking to the record.





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Dr. Suzuki


Dr. Suzuki Slipmats "Mix-Edition" Twin Pack

Used all over the world since it's original release to the current improved version for its high quality and high performance, Dr. Suzuki Slipmats "Mix Edition" has gained support from various DJs across many genres and has become synonymous with domestic slipmats.

The "Mix Edition" has a thicker fabric than the Scratch Edition "Skratch" from "Suzuki", and is ideal for scratch play, normal mix play, and play using control vinyl.

With careful attention to detail and made one by one with Dr. Suzuki's unique bonding technology.   It is a process that cannot be imitated by others backed up by the careful use of selected materials and many years of experience.

The high vibration isolation property allows you to trace the record groove without the needle shaking, reducing noise, and the antistatic property keeps dust away and reduces sticking to the record.

The familiar face logo with a simple and premier feeling and the characters "made in japan" with the "embossed engraving" that emerges in the shadows are a gem of Dr. Suzuki who can feel the pride and craftsmanship of domestic brands.



Key Features

  • Gives you more control - created for mix and routine DJs

  • Made for DJs that need more control and find Scratch Edition slip mats too slick

  • Engineered to resist shock and agitation

  • Minimises noise made when controlling the record for smoother mixes and performance

  • Slightly shorter diameter than record - prevents slip mat from sticking to vinyl when switching records
  • High quality material for ultimate performance and longevity

  • Waterproof

  • You can still scratch, but a slip sheet is recommended for a smoother feel (sold separately)
  • Great for DJing all genres, routines, battles and digital control records (Serato, Traktor, etc).



Technical Stuff 

Size: 12"
Colour: Black
Qty Included: 2 x slipmats




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