Beyerdynamic XELENTO Remote 2nd Gen Wired IEM Headphones

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The XELENTO Remote 2nd Generation from Beyerdynamic is the audiophile answer to in-ear monitor headphones for mobile devices and music on the go. Includes a universal 3-botton remote and mic with multiple size ear-tips for total comfort and noise isolation.

The XELENTO Remote 2nd Gen wired IEM is a carefully handcrafted piece of audible headphone jewellery by skilled Beyerdynamic employees - Made In Germany.





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Beyerdynamic XELENTO Remote 2nd Gen Audiophile In-Ear Headphones

The XELENTO Remote Gen 2 from Beyerdynamic is the audiophile answer to in-ear monitor headphones for mobile devices and music on the go.  It is a true audible piece of jewellery made possible by its miniaturised Tesla technology. One can now indulge in true audiophile listening regardless of location with these dynamic hi-fi IEM headphones. 

XELENTO Remote Gen 2 combines the desire for an intense musical experience and a mobile lifestyle on the go with its brilliant sound for an unparalleled in-ear experience. With the integrated remote control and hands-free microphone, these IEM headphones from Beyerdynamic transform in the blink of an eye into a powerful in-ear headset that can be adapted to your needs.

The XELENTO Remote 2nd generation is a Hi-Res Audio certified IEM headphone capable of handling high‑resolution audio files when played back retaining all of their musical details and as close as possible to the original recording.

Utilising the especially designed miniaturise Tesla.11 driver for the XELENTO Remote Gen 2.  Like many of Beyerdynamic flagship full size headphones, the XELENTO Remote can guarantee a level of authenticity and intoxicating musical experience that Beyerdynamic is known for and now can be enjoyed on the move and anywhere as well. Furthermore the 11 millimeter dynamic one-way driver impressively demonstrates how acoustic expertise, engineering and craftsmanship fuse together.

Not resting on just superb sound quality, the XELENTO Remote Gen 2 IEM offers a wide range of ear tips sizes for the perfect fit and comfort matched by its ergonomically shaped casing promising a maximum degree of ambient noise cancellation. 

As Hi-Res Audio certified headphones, you can enjoy the full resolution of audio files on mobile devices such as your smartphone.

Thanks to the included balanced 4.4 mm cable (Pentaconn), you can also use the direct connection to high-quality hi-fi components with balanced outputs. This lets you experience the full soundstage of your favourite tracks on your Digital Audio Player or on your balanced hi-fi setup.

Thanks to the MMCX-connector system and the extensive scope of delivery, a wide range of configurability options are available. As part of Beyerdynamic product philosophy, they pursue a sustainable quality promise and therefore offer a well thought-out concept of spare parts and accessories.

 "Made In Germany" and hand crafted with exceptional care by skilled Beyerdynamic employees.  Using microscope with utmost precision, employees wind the tiny voice coils, rotate drive parts and finish off the in-ear headphones, combining years of experience and passion.



Key Features

  • TESLA.11 drivers for highest efficiency and best sound (Hi-Res Audio certified)

  • Balanced 4.4 mm cable (Pentaconn) for DAPs and HiFi components

  • MMCX connector system for greater connection options

  • Elegant, ergonomic design, handcrafted in Germany, with 24 ct real gold logo, gold-plated connectors and silver-plated cables

  • 3.5 mm jack cable with remote control and hands-free microphone*

  • Perfectly matched earpieces in 10 sizes and extensive scope of delivery


* When using XELENTO Remote (2nd generation) with the wired remote cable it is compatible with most Apple and Android devices, that have a built-in mini jack (3.5 mm) with CTIA assignment. The volume control may not work on some devices, e.g. individual Lightning or USB to jack adapters.    



Technical Stuff 

Operating Principle: Closed
Transmission Type: Wired
Remote: Universal 3-button remote
Frequency Response:
10 - 50,000Hz
Nominal Sound Pressure Level: 114 dB
Nominal Impedance: 16 ohms
Sound Coupling To The Ear: In-ear headphones
Cable: 1 x 1.3m detachable (MMCX) cable with Pentaconn 4.4mm 5-pole jack

1 x 1.3m detachable cable with 3-button remote and mic with (4-pole) 3.5mm plug
Accessories: 7 pairs of silicone eartips in sizes XS-3XL
3 pairs of Comply Foam eartips in sizes S / M / L
Cable clips
Pair of spare protective grilles
Microvelour cleaning cloth
High-quality carrying case 




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