Beyerdynamic M 70 PRO X Dynamic Broadcast Microphone

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The dynamic M 70 PRO X broadcast microphone from Beyerdynamic is ideal for all applications involving spoken word recording.  May it be from audiobook productions, podcasts, YouTube videos and tutorials through to live gaming streams with narration and much more. The M70 PRO X comes equipped with an XLR connector.

The Beyerdynamic M 70 PRO X studio microphone is also a suitable choice for singing and vocal recordings due to its emphasis on the frequency range that is intrinsic to the human voice to ensure intelligibility of spoken recordings.





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Beyerdynamic M 70 PRO X Studio Microphone For Streaming & Podcasting

Trusted sound in every recording, the Beyerdynamic dynamic M 70 PRO X broadcast microphone with its cardioid polar pattern delivers the very best sound for streams and podcasts. An assertive, speech-optimised sound, a shock-mounted capsule, perfect attenuation of popping sounds and the well-crafted design meet the requirements and needs of today’s creators. Equipped with an XLR connector, the M 70 PRO X from Beyerdynamic is the perfect choice for streamers, podcasters and YouTubers.

With Beyerdynamic decades of professional audio quality and proven natural sound, the M70 PRO X microphones applies the same philosophy as all other microphones in the Beyerdynamic range portfolio.  A range of microphones synonymous with clear recordings - natural sounds that optimally model speech, vocals and instruments much loved and highly rated from singers and musicians around the world for decades.

The Beyerdynamic M 70 PRO X dynamic broadcast and studio microphone delivers the best sound for streams, podcasts and YouTube videos. Featuring a cardioid polar pattern, the M 70 PRO X can even master challenging acoustic environments while its ease of handling is appealing. Crucial here is a direct recording source, which has the advantage of nullifying keyboard noises, echoing or other sources of noise. Anyone on the lookout for that typically forceful “broadcast sound” should opt for this dynamic microphone.

With its robust design and excellent workmanship, made in Germany, The Beyerdynamic M 70 PRO X microphone fits perfectly in any modern creator's workplace.  With its high-quality aluminium housing combine with the robust steel mesh protects the microphone capsule from tumbles or rough handling. The overall weight of the microphone is heavily reduced thanks to the use of aluminium, thus allowing the microphone to be mounted on all commercially available stands and microphone arms, without the unwanted side effect of causing the boom to dip. 



Key Features

  • Perfect for streamers, podcasters and YouTubers

  • Assertive, speech-optimised sound
  • Masters challenging acoustic environments

  • Optimum attenuation of popping sounds

  • Shock mount and pop filter included



Technical Stuff 

Microphone Type: Dynamic
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Operating Principle: Pressure gradient receiver
Connection Type: 3-pin XLR male 
Mono / Stereo Mono
Frequency Response:
25 - 18,000Hz close miking

40 - 18,000Hz distant miking (1m)
Open Circuit Voltage at 1kHz (0 dB = 1V/Pa)
1.8 mV/Pa (-55.0 dB ±3 dB)
Nominal Impedance: 350 Ohm
Load Impedance: ≥ 1.5 k Ohm
Dimensions (Length x Diameter): 185 x 52mm
Weight: 320g
Power Source: USB bus powered
Included Accessories:

Elastic mount, studio pop filter with gooseneck and bag



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