HiFi With The Lot

Building the perfect hi-fi system isn’t about putting the best of every components and hope for performance sake you’ve achieve a perfect audio synergy, its about the perfect balance as much as individual quality - a balance between its source through to amplification all the way to the speakers or headphones.

Getting that balance right can hard to achieve and time consuming. With many years of experience in audio and hifi, the crew from Groove Central are here and ready to help.  It’s a matter of deciding what your audio system is for, whether it’s listening to a record player listening to some vinyl or streaming music from your favourite music server, the environment it’s going to be play back in, and of course your budget.

After many much loved listening sessions put together some packages base on various budgets but most importantly balance solutions exceeding their collective price point. The concept of achieving a true “hi-fi system with the lot” incorporating source, amplification and either speakers or headphones not forgetting the connecting interconnects and speaker cables for the perfect audio experience.

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