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Wired vs Wireless Headphones

In years gone by, wired headphones were always seen as the better option due to overall  performance and audio quality.  Not saying that this isn’t true these days but the lines are definitely getting blurred as wireless technologies matures and improves.

​Choosing between two is very much based on personal preferences and lifestyle.


Wired Headphones

As the name suggest, we have a cable connecting a headphone to an audio device. It’s a true and very much tested form of getting music from one point to another.


Pros Of Wired

  • Generally cheaper than it’s counterpart 
  • For the very best in sound quality, wired is the way to go
  • Connectivity wise it’s backward compatible with older equipment, current and almost certainly the future of audio devices and products via it’s analogue plug (either 3.5 or 6.35mm jack)
  • Apart from ANC type headphones, no battery or charging required, pretty much plug and play or listen!

Cons Of Wired

  • Cables are prone to get tangle up and in the way.


Wireless Headphones


With the uptake of all things wireless, smartphone, tablets, laptops and so on. Wireless technologies and our on the go lifestyle pairs very well with the use of wireless headphones as both a communication device and entertainment source.


Pros Of Wireless

  • Its the freedom of being to move around, go for a jog, be totally mobile without being restricted by a cable.
  • Adding to this freedom, we now have access to voice commands that allows us to control our music, movies, social or work contacts and more with voice assisted technologies like Siri, Alexa and Google Home all through our compatible headsets.
  • The use of bluetooth wireless connectivity with a number of devices from music players, TVs and computers.
  • Sound Quality have also gotten better with each generations. Improvement in Bluetooth transmissions utilising better formats with less compression like FLAC, WAV and ALAC lossless files. 

Cons Of Wireless

  • Most wireless headphones are typically dearer than its wired c counterpart due to mostly incorporating the technology and circuits to made them wireless.
  • Being powered, wireless headphones are tied to battery life and charging time.