Ollo Audio S4R 1.1 Recording Headphones (Closed)


Close back headphones ideal for recording, producing and podcasting. The solidly design OLLO Audio S4R Recording headphones is hand-built in Slovenia with a neutral sound balance. Building on the successful previous models, the S4R 1.1 from OLLO improves with extra clarity, more isolation, wearing comfort and a premium finish.





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Closed Back Headphone

Ollo Audio

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Ollo Audio S4R Recording Headphones

The HPS S4R 1.1 from OLLO Audio is a closed back studio recording headphone to help bring out the best from your performance. Details needs to be preserved and nothing exaggerated. A well tuned studio recording headphones should have no mercy on you and push you to your absolute audio best. For the most demanding audio creators, the new S4R is that tool made for you. 

The OLLO Audio S4R "sound seal acoustics" allows for 100% separation of front and back earcup cavity, these headphones deliver uncompromised frequency and transient response with minimal sound leakage. No more click bleed in to your recordings.

Incorporating premium materials for comfort and durability. Stainless steel, nautical leather, velour, aluminium and wood construction - all sustainably sourced are prefect to the demanding wear and tear specially associated with studio  environment use.

Cable tripping, accidental drops and plugging them into wrong outputs demands extreme built quality. OLLO Audio's 5 year limited warranty program is a testament of dedication to high quality.  

The OLLO Audio S4R recording headphones is design to be comfortable for hours of use.  Self-adjusting strap with weight distribution enables long sessions without headaches caused by single pressure points. The earpads are soft velour-pleather hybrid and disperse heat well. Sweaty ears are a thing of the past.



Comfort - The OLLO Audio Way!



Technical Stuff 

Type: Close back design
Driver: 50mm
SPL: 111dB / 1vrms @ 1kHz 32 Ohm
Frequency range: 20 - 22KHz flat response design
Impedance: 32 Ohm - smart devices ready
Ear pads outer diameter: 90mm
Ear pads inner diameter: 55mm
Ear pads depth: 20mm
Ear cups materials: American walnut
Headband material: Stainless steel and nautical leather
Ear pads size: 90mm
Ear pads material: Acoustic foam, extra elasticity poly leather and velour
Cable termination: Detachable 2 meters long Y 2.5mm mini jack
Connector: 3.5mm jack with adapter to 6.3mm jack
Weight: 382g
Warranty: 5 years limited warranty



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