Beyerdynamic MMX 300 PRO Gaming Headset (Closed Back)


The MMX 300 PRO from Beyerdynamic utilises the company's STELLAR.45 driver for maximum gaming performance.   Used also in their studio headphones, this headset allows you to hear even the smallest sounds and details while you're playing. Backed by a closed back design, unique wearing comfort, and noise cancelling microphone.

Experience professional sound optimise for gaming!




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Beyerdynamic MMX 300 PRO Premium Gaming Headset

The new MMX 300 PRO from Beyerdynamic offers professional studio sound with gaming tuning for a truely high-tech audio component for your ears. Made in Germany with a strong reputation among studio professional and gamers for its outstanding sound, perfect speech intelligibility and great wearing comfort.

The Beyerdynamic MMX 300 PRO is the ideal headset for all gaming and multimedia applications. Whether its Xbox, Playstation, Switch or PC, this closed back design ensures undisturbed gaming fun and sound enjoyment.

The MMX 300 PRO headset is supplied with a detachable adapter allowing for connection using 2 x 3-pole mini jack plugs for a headphone output and a microphone input. This allows the MMX 300 PRO headset to be connected to game consoles or notebooks and other devices with a combination jacks.

The improved noise-cancelling microphone provides crystal clear sound and ensures clear and precise voice transmission, even in a noisy environment. 

The combination of design and comfort makes the MMX 300 PRO the perfect gaming headset for demanding gamers. The new design is characterised by precise edges, an improved design language and maximum ergonomics. To further optimise our proven wearing comfort, we have added a fontanel recess and a convenient snap-button closure to the head pad – features that can also be found in our studio headphones for maximum comfort not only in the professional studio environment, but also in extended gaming sessions.


Key Features

  • Circumaural stereo headset (closed design) with cable remote control
  • STELLAR.45 driver system for greater flexibility and powerful sound
  • Single-sided, detachable cable with an integrated remote control
  • Maximum sound for gaming and multimedia applications on PC and console

  • Unique speech intelligibility thanks to high-quality condenser microphone
  • Professional studio sound with gaming tuning
  • Silky-soft velour ear pads and fontanel headband recess for high wearing comfort

  • Earpads, headband and cable are spare-parts replaceable
  • Made in Germany



Technical Stuff 

Operating Principle: Closed
Transmission Type: Wired
Frequency Response:
5 – 40.000 Hz
Nominal Sound Pressure Level: 96 dB
Nominal Impedance: 48 Ohms
Sound Coupling To The Ear: Around the ear (Circumaural)
Polar Pattern For Microphone: Cardioid
Transducer Type For Microphone: Condenser - Back Electret
Weight With Cable & Microphone: 314g
Adaptor: 2 x 3.5mm mini stereo jack plugs with
3.5mm mini jack adapter for consoles
Cable: 2.5m straight detachable cable
with 5-pole stereo jack plug
Earpads: Velour




MMX 300 PRO's Compatibility and FAQs ...

Does the MMX 300 PRO work with consoles as well?

Yes, the MMX 300 PRO works with PS5, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and other consoles using 3.5 mm connectivity.


In addition to the adapter solution, is there also a shorter console cable?

If the adapter solution is too cumbersome for you, you can optionally purchase the 1.2 m long console cable.


What is the difference between MMX 300 PRO and the MMX 300 (2nd generation)?

We improved the MMX 300 PRO in a lot of regards compared to its predecessor MMX 300 (2nd generation). Already its name makes it obvious that beyerdynamic included a lot of professional studio attributes in the MMX 300 PRO. The headband is of high quality and can be easily used with our professional products. Thanks to its low weight and special adaptation to the upper head area, it offers excellent wearing comfort over an extended period. When it comes to sound, beyerdynamic improved the headset in terms of microphone input as well as driver output using the studio-grade STELLAR.45 driver. We also updated the design to a more edgy look and feel.


What is the difference between the MMX 200 wireless and the MMX 300 PRO?

The MMX 200 wireless is a wireless headset offering very good audio as well as very good wearing comfort. The microphone and driver quality of the MMX 300 PRO are of even higher standard and the headband with included fontanel recess, derived from our studio headphones, also offers extra comfort. The MMX 300 PRO is made in Germany and a step up in performance, quality and comfort over the MMX 200 wireless.



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