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The YAXI Earpads Company...

YAXI Earpad is a Japanese company specialising in ear pads for both on-ear and over-ear headphones. The ear pads are manufactured in Japan and have quickly become the brand of choice for comfort, longevity and sound quality in the headphone market.

Besides replacement ear pads, YAXI also accepts custom-made contract manufacturing (OEM / ODM) for many headphone manufacturers and retailers.


The YAXI Ear Pads Concept!

For headphones, ear pads are similar to audio rooms for speakers. Designing the ear pads means designing the interior of the audio room.

Since both the ear and the headphone driver are in the space of the ear pad, it can be imagined that " replacement of the ear pad" will change the way the sound reaches your ears and sounds . The space can be define as a small audio room, a few centimetres in size.


The Use Of Alcantara...

YAXI has introduced a new ear in earpads with the use of Alcantara in some of its ear pads. Alcantara is a synthetic suede made in Italy. It is primarily used in luxury automotive and high fashion.

YAXI Earpad use Alcantara as a material for ear pads due to its difference from the popular leather and velour materials. It produces a unique and comfortable fit, is highly breathable but at the same time offers excellent airtightness, and confident in its durability. Alcantara is a unique material with its very own characteristics.


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