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The Phonon Story...

Founded in Japan in 2010, phonon is a new-generation audio brand focusing on high-quality sound. Created by audiophiles, sound professionals and music lovers. Among the core of the company is a top sound and mastering engineer, a DJ, and an audio technician.

The phonon company produces unique, state-of-the-art, Japanese-made professional audio equipment, including the popular SMB-02 monitoring headphones & 02-Stick "cue stick" headphone, hi-fi headphones, a line of high-definition cables, audio accessories and studio monitor speakers for various international markets.

Over recent years, phonon has collaborated with Japanese electronic music instruments manufacturer KORG and others for special edition models. They've recently collaborated with Carhartt matching phonon rigorous attention to detail to Carhartt's street credibility and street fame for a limited edition model. 



The Heart Of Phonon!



More Than A Headphone Company!

Isao Kumano, phonon CEO is an active mastering engineer in Japan who runs his own mastering studio and has mastered over one thousand titles for CD releases, vinyl records, and radio.

​Kumano's phonon studio has gained a reputation in the artist community as a secret base with the best sound in Tokyo’s metropolitan area. Isao has been mastering there for various artists ranging from hip-hop to techno. He is credited with various works for major and indie labels in Japan as well as for foreign artists and record labels including Carl Craig, Underground Resistance, Sly & Robbie, and more. 





For The Artists By The Artists!