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About the Nagaoka company...

Founded in Japan in 1940 as a company making precision clock parts which lead to specialising in the process of micro elements with unparalleled perfection. The company is best known for their range of audio turntable cartridge and styli as well as a range of headphones, audio products, turntable accessories and much more.

Nagaoka is unique in the world of turntable cartridge and accessories producing styli, cartridges and accessories for records since 1940 with over 70 years experience and knowledge.

The record player stylus for any turntable is the most important link between your records and sound system capturing the musical information stored in the grooves of the vinyl record and translating it into an electrical current. The quality and shape of the stylus and the tolerances in the manufacturing process are the most important factor in ensuring musical perfection and tonal accuracy. Nagaoka’s high precision manufacturing are all done in house and is the only cartridge company in the world to do so. This gives Nagaoka 100% control over the quality of each individual parts.



Perfection across the range...

Nagaoka is a formidable name in the world of turntable phono cartridges. In fact, Nagaoka styli are still used by many world renowned companies under their own label. With an impressive range offering various levels of performance gains and budget requirements.




The NAGAOKA difference...

Nagaoka sets itself apart from all of its competitors with in-house precision craftsmanship and stringent quality control. With decades of persistence on quality and the Japanese culture of perfection, Nagaoka audio products are now available from Groove Central here in Australia.




NAGAOKA better sound for ever!